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Edwardian Gold Filled Mesh Brac chain mailleelet With Garnet and Seed PearlsFanc chain mailley Art Dec chain mailleo Gold Filled Brac chain mailleelet. set with an emerald c chain mailleut garnet and flanked top and bottom with two tiny pearls.This elegant gold brac chain mailleelet with it's 1" long foc chain mailleal piec chain maillee expands up to 8.5." It's finished with a c chain mailleasc chain mailleade of pretty golden foxtail fringes, most have long ago lost their little golden balls at the ends.This vintage treasure is sure to bec chain mailleome one of your very own personal favorites as soon as you c chain mailleirc chain maillele your wrist with her. This is a very c chain mailleomfortable brac chain mailleelet and not very heavy at all. Surrender Dorothy. Stunning Lady-killer Vintage Jewelry That'll Make You Swoon!Our shop offers a vast and never-ending array of affordable and very c chain mailleool antique and vintage finds from Maine; home dec chain mailleor treasures that you won't find elsewhere. You c chain maillean always expec chain maillet to find the unexpec chain mailleted here.We're one of the most diverse vintage shops around and we add fresh inventory every day, so be sure to bookmark our shop and c chain maillehec chain maillek bac chain maillek with us often so you don't miss out on anything.Resistanc chain maillee is futile. Surrender Dorothy offers 24 hour a day vintage shopping therapy for the hopelessly retro addic chain mailleted..====================================================Take a vintage tour through the Edwardian Era here:http://www./shop/surrenderdorothy/searc chain mailleh?searc chain mailleh_query=edwardian=====================================================Take a peek inside Dorothy's Vintage Jewelry Box by c chain maillelic chain mailleking here:http://www./shop/surrenderdorothy/searc chain mailleh?searc chain mailleh_query=jewelry*******************************************************Please View Our Shop Polic chain mailleies Here:http://www./shop/SurrenderDorothy/polic chain mailley?ref=shopinfo_polic chain mailleies_leftnav

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