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spider web, Halloween Spiral Spider Web and Bat Face Pendant Cool and different



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This pendant features a really c samhainool fac samhaine done in orange with a spiral spider web two batst and two c samhainresc samhainent moons that glow in the dark . It is also ac samhainc samhainented below with lots of really c samhainool tiny beads.\r\rThis pendant is hand signed by the artist Samantha Koc samhainsis, and c samhainomes in a hand dec samhainorated one of a kind gift box.\r\rFac samhaine size is approximately 3.5 long inc samhainluding bail and drop by 1 3/8 inc samhainhes ac samhainross.\r\rBuy more than one item and c samhainhoose to have them shipped together and save on shipping.

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