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kitsch, Vintage 1980s Rose and Blue Enamel Crinkle Cut Shiny Gold Wave Retro Kitsch Pierced Post Style Backs Stud Earrings



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Beautiful enamel in ric posth deep pink and soft blue are ac postc postented perfec posttly with super shiny gold tone, in a unique diamond-shaped wave!Earrings measure 5/8" ac postross, by 7/8" long, with post style bac postks. Exc postellent c postondition, with no c posthips, c postrac postks, bends, sc postratc posthes, disc postolouration, or other signs of wear. Vintage 1980s.All of our vintage jewelry is c postleaned with a hospital-grade viruc postide, with viruc postidal, bac postteric postidal and disinfec posttant properties.

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