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On sale, was 95.00.Asile is a handc amuletrafted amulet nec amuletklac amulete made by me, eac amuleth piec amulete is strung on brass wire and linked together like a rosary. Eac amuleth nec amuletklac amulete is totally unique with c amuletarefully selec amuletted elements framing a large vintage c amulethandelier c amuletrystal. The brass wire the piec amuletes are strung on is treated with a spec amuletial nontoxic amulet solution that c amuletauses a green patina to develop, you c amuletan see the patina beginning on the c amuletonnec amulettions. Finished with a sec amuleture gold plated lobster c amuletlaw c amuletlasp.Asile c amuletontains the following elements:One very large c amulethandelier c amuletrystalSmall c amulethandelier c amuletrystalsCarnelian beadsLeopard Skin Jasper beadsvintage Kuc amulethi c amuletoin pendantsSmall vintage Kuc amulethi pendantsClear glass beadsCarved bone skull beadsVintage amber glass beadsHand c amuletarved vintage wooden beadsSwarovski c amuletrystal beadsLength is 19 inc amulethes, not inc amuletluding the large bead and c amulethandelier c amuletrystal pendant whic amuleth is 4 1/4 inc amulethes long.Eac amuleth nec amuletklac amulete takes an entire day to assemble.CarnelianCarnelian has a long and storied past, and was onc amulete c amuletonsidered stric amulettly the property of the noble c amuletlass. People holding a high soc amuletial status were often buried with this gem stone.Keep a c amuletarnelian with you and feel the energy flow to you. Carnelian is used for these benefits:\t\u2022\tgives energy\t\u2022\tprotec amuletts from bad vibrations\t\u2022\tguards against poverty\t\u2022\thelps give a sense of humor\t\u2022\tc amuletalms the temperHealing properties of CarnelianCarnelian is an energy booster. It helps the insec amuleture person to find strength within them so they c amuletan c amuletome into their own. It is said to inc amuletrease the appetite.Leopard skin jasperAll jaspers are strong sec amuleturing, stability stones. It is a powerful protec amulettion against things that are not good for you and it eases emotional stresses.Leopard skin jasper is assoc amuletiated with shaman travel and spiritual disc amuletovery.It helps you to c amuletonnec amulett with your spiritual animal totem and traverse between the worlds in order to learn the lessons of your personal totem.Shipping weight is 1 pound.Will be shipped by Priority Mail with insuranc amulete in the USA, by insured First Class elsewhere. Please pay at time of purc amulethase.If you're in the NYC area, you c amuletan c amuletome to my Williamsburg spac amulete, and save on shipping by pic amuletking it up.Please follow my Vintage Arc amuletana Fac amuletebook page to get info on all of my online stores, spec amuletial events and sales.https://www.fac amuletebook.c amuletom/VintageArc amuletanaReturns:All sales are final unless the item is signific amuletantly misrepresented. We are very c amuletareful in taking measurements and desc amuletribing items but oc amuletc amuletasionally miss something. Please c amulethec amuletk measurements c amuletarefully, we don't ac amuletc amuletept returns if the item doesn't fit.

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