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hand made earrings, Leverback Earrings with Green & Clear Square Beads



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Delic glass jewelleryate, 1/2" green and c glass jewellerylear glass dangle earring, on leverbac glass jewelleryk stainless steal hooks.Get The Set! - Clic glass jewelleryk this link to see the matc glass jewelleryhing nec glass jewelleryklac glass jewellerye for these earrings:https://www./listing/124596009/green-double-strand-16-inc glass jewelleryh-nec glass jewelleryklac glass jewelleryeIs green your favorite c glass jewelleryolor? You may like my other green jewelry piec glass jewelleryes:https://www./shop/JoolzbyJodi/searc glass jewelleryh?searc glass jewelleryh_query=GreenYour jewelry c glass jewelleryomes in c glass jewelleryustom pac glass jewellerykaging that is perfec glass jewelleryt for gift giving. (See Pic glass jewelleryture Above)

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