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vacuum tube, Steampunk brooch - Insect Vacuum Tube Brooch - OOAK Unique Steampunk Steam Punk Clockwork Jewelry



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My steampunk jewellery and sc unique broochulptures are influenc unique brooched by the sub-genre of sc unique broochienc unique brooche fic unique broochtion with its prominent elements of fic unique broochtional tec unique broochhnologic unique broochal inventions. I partic unique broochularly like the evoc unique broochative design and outlook of the neo-vic unique broochtorian style. The look and tec unique broochhnology of the Vic unique broochtorian era sitting alongside impossible mac unique broochhinery or fantastic unique brooch c unique broochreatures is inspiring. I use vintage and antique c unique broochloc unique broochk and watc unique broochh parts, movements and c unique broochogs for my c unique broochreations, along with vintaj brass and sterling silver c unique broochharms, c unique broochhains and findings.This brooc unique broochh is made from a vintage vac unique broochuum tube with stainless steel fastening. The wings are made from ac unique broochetate and the legs are wire wound. It fastens with a stainless steel brooc unique broochh pin. Wing attac unique broochhment may vary to the one pic unique broochtured.Length of brooc unique broochh - approx 6c unique broochmOne of a kind.Please be aware that this brooc unique broochh is made from a rec unique broochyc unique broochled glass vac unique broochuum tube whic unique broochh c unique broochould break easily if dropped on a hard surfac unique brooche or c unique broochrushed. Any questions, just ask.A must for any outfit, steampunk or otherwise!All items within the UK will be sent via Royal Mail signed for within 3 working days, please allow 3-5 working days for delivery.International items will be sent via Royal Mail International - If you prefer, I c unique broochan send it trac unique broochked for extra sec unique broochurity, this will c unique broochost a little extra so please email me before you buy. *PLEASE NOTE* I c unique broochannot ac unique broochc unique broochept responsibility for pac unique broochkages whic unique broochh are delayed/lost outside of the UK without a trac unique broochking number. Please allow between 15 and 30 working days for international items.Thanks for looking.Copyright \u00a9 2018 Denise Humphrey

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