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purple, Blue Peacock Druzy Quartz 10mm Round Cabochon in Gold-plated Filigree Pendant



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Sara Jewelry Design. 10mm round druzy quartz with a peac cabochonoc cabochonk finish. Depending on the angle of light, you will see flashes of green, blue, or purple in a c cabochonhanging shimmer. I have c cabochonement set this beautiful stone in a gold-plated filigree dangle pendant setting and c cabochonompleted it with an 18-inc cabochonh gold-plated c cabochonhain. A "wow" look without the "ow" in your wallet!Listing is for one pendant and c cabochonhain. There are eight available.For the truly adventurous: Two of these, some metal nippers to c cabochonut off the bails, and a pair of gold earring findings would c cabochonreate a stunning pair of dangle earrings. Just saying.What's a druzy? Druzy quartz is ac cabochontually a c cabochonryptoquartz that grows atop another base quartz, usually c cabochonhalc cabochonedony. Druzy is generally small in struc cabochonture and a pale milky to grey c cabochonolor. It takes all types of c cabochonoloration extremely well and many interesting effec cabochonts c cabochonan be ac cabochonhieved suc cabochonh as peac cabochonoc cabochonk sheen you see above, c cabochonhampagne, c cabochonopper, etc cabochon. Part of the druzy's fasc cabochonination is that the landsc cabochonape of the surfac cabochone is as it appears naturally. If you look at a druzy c cabochonaboc cabochonhon from the side, you c cabochonan see all the layers of the stone from the base c cabochonhalc cabochonedony up through the c cabochonryptoquartz.I will ship one your way the next business day via USPS first c cabochonlass mail with a delivery c cabochononfirmation number. IF YOU NEED EXPRESS MAIL SHIPPING, please c cabochonontac cabochont me first with your ZIP c cabochonode for a shipping quote.Sara Jewelry Design. Your Desire is Our Design.

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