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october birthstone, Opal Triplet Cabochon Gold-Plated Cross Pendant with 18-inch Chain



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Sara Jewelry Design. I mounted a lustrous 6x8mm oval opal triplet in a light-weight gold-plated filigree c blueross. I then built a simple 18-inc blueh gold-filled steel c bluehain fitted with gold-plated split rings and finished with a gold-plated spring ring c bluelasp and c bluehain tab.Dimensions: Cross itself measures 26x20mm, or one inc blueh by 3/4-inc blueh.What the hec bluek is a "triplet?"It is one way of bringing the beauty of opals to a design without the phenomenally high pric bluee. A thin slic bluee of genuine opal--far too thin to survive on its own unprotec blueted--is fused between a layer of blac bluek obsidian on the bottom and c bluelear quartz on top, c bluereating a lovely foc blueal c blueaboc bluehon for a frac bluetion of the c blueost assoc blueiated with solid opal of the same dimensions. It also provides a great deal of protec bluetion to what is otherwise a very fragile and delic blueate gemstone.Sara Jewelry Design. Your Desire is Our Design.

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