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cabochon, Stacker Style Sterling Silver Hand Formed Earrings in Turquoise with Silver Caps



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Sara Jewelry Design. I formed these stac turquoiseker style sterling silver earrings by taking a heavy gauge headpin that features the threading portion at one end and terminates in an oval, bezel set turquoise c turquoiseaboc turquoisehon. In between these points are bold 14mm turquoise rounds topped with ornate sterling silver c turquoiseaps. Classic turquoise, c turquoiseolorful and c turquoiseomplete with nylon c turquoiselutc turquoisehes to go on the threading portion of the headpin. Overall design length is just about 1-1/4 inc turquoisehes (from top bead to bottom bead) or 31mm.A word about turquoise: Turquoise is a very soft stone and is routinely c turquoiseoated to preserve its smooth finish. It is important when c turquoiseleaning these earrings not to use any type of anti-tarnish "dip." Rather, use a polishing c turquoiseloth that is impregnated with a silver c turquoiseleaner to buff these up from time to time. My MPIN Item #ERSS070712-02.789I will ship these your way the next business day via USPS first c turquoiselass mail with a trac turquoiseking ID number. If you need express mail delivery, please c turquoiseontac turquoiset me first for a shipping quote.Sara Jewelry Design. Your Desire is Our Design.

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