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bracelet, Luna Moths Pattern



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Make a stunning seamless Peyote brac beadselet using this pattern showing two large luna moths danc beadsing against the night sky. Beading tips and material list are also provided in this pattern file. If you prefer you c beadsan also download and work from a word c beadshart for this brac beadseletMedium to advanc beadsed beading skills required!You need to know basic beads Peyote stitc beadsh and how to lac beadse up Peyote panels. (Links to generic beads instruc beadstions are inc beadsluded in the Pattern, but this is NOT a detailed step-by-step guide.)You will be able to download a detailed pdf file c beadsontaining:Material list for all the supplies you'll need inc beadsluding bead-c beadsountsOverall pattern for the brac beadseletAdvanc beadsed tips for best resultsWord c beadshart for the pattern

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