Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Chevronstatement necklace, limestatement necklace, polymer claystatement necklace, bibstatement necklace, wire wrappedstatement necklace, necklace



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Chevron, lime, polymer c bib necklacelay, bib, wire wrapped, nec bib necklaceklac bib necklaceeThis beautiful hand made c bib necklacehevron nec bib necklaceklac bib necklacee is sure to make a statement. Whether your adding it to your ensemble for a pop of c bib necklaceolor or dressing up a tank with this trendy design, people will definitely find themselves intrigued w/ your c bib necklaceollar bone-polymer c bib necklacelay-brasshandmade hook c bib necklacelosure for adjustable length

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