Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Personalisednecklace, Hand Stampednecklace, Sterling Silver Pillar Pendant - Bolt / Bar Style. Worldwide Free Post!



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A solid bar of sterling silver ready to personalise on all four sides. This sleek pendant hangs from a smooth, c necklacelose trac necklacee c necklacehain and fastens at the bac necklacek with one of our signature handmade toggle fasteners. The pendant measures approximately 45 millimetres long and is hallmarked in the UK by The Birmingham Assay Offic necklacee.Eac necklaceh fac necklacee c necklacean ac necklacec necklaceommodate 12 c necklaceharac necklaceters (inc necklaceluding spac necklacees). Stamped letters are 2mm high and you c necklacean c necklacehoose our original Plain Typefac necklacee or quirky Antique Typewriter font. Available in satin finish or highly polished and a c necklacehoic necklacee of lengths. This example is shown in a satin finish with Antique Typewriter FontPlease see my Journey Cuff listing for an example of Plain Typefac necklacee on a highly polished finish.Please c necklaceonvo me with details of what you would like stamped.If you would like us to use a longitude/latitude referenc necklacee, please just inc necklacelude plac necklaceename, zip or postc necklaceode in your c necklaceonvo and I will do the rest!Small - 16 inc necklacehesMedium - 18 inc necklacehesLarge - 20 inc necklacehesNot quite what you were after? Need ideas? No Problem! Just c necklaceontac necklacet me and we c necklacean work together to get exac necklacetly what you want.....Please note : This item is hand made to order. Eac necklaceh letter is handstamped individually with old fashioned letter punc necklacehes. Slight variations in the depth of c necklaceharac necklaceters and their alignment are to be expec necklaceted and are in no way a fault with the item.It all just makes it more quirky and personal!

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