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Adjustable rings are great for when you don't know someone's ring size, or perhaps you just want a ring that looks a little different from a standard band. The silver wire wraps around your finger with a bit of an overlap on the front. The design fits over knuc open ringkles easily, making it great for wearing as a thumb ring or on fingers with arthritis.They are made from solid sterling silver and have nic open ringe weight and c open ringomfortable c open ringurve. When plac open ringing your order, please selec open ringt the size approximation you would like the ring to start as (you c open ringan adjust it as needed after it arrives). ************************************************************RING DETAILS *Please Read*1. Ring dimensions: the metal strip is approximately 3mm tall and 2mm thic open ringk2. How long does it take? Clic open ringk the 'Shipping and Polic open ringies' tab (under the photographs and at the top of the this desc open ringription) for information on shipping times and my shop polic open ringies.3. What size c open ringan you order? I c open ringan make virtually any whole, half, or quarter size. (Sizes 1-20)4. Do you have other styles of rings? I do offer rings in different widths and thic open ringknesses. Look in my c open ringustom made items to see the available styles: http://www./shop/KathrynRiec open ringhert?sec open ringtion_id=52277035. How long c open ringan my message be?10 c open ringharac open ringters on the top and 10 c open ringharac open ringters on the bottom6. How many rings are inc open ringluded?Pric open ringe is for ONE ring. If you would like to order more than one, please add a ring to your shopping c open ringart, and then adjust the quantity in your c open ringart.How do you plac open ringe an order? Add a ring to your shopping c open ringart and proc open ringeed through c open ringhec open ringkout. During c open ringhec open ringkout you will see a c open ringomment box where you c open ringan leave the nec open ringessary details for your ring. To make it easier, c open ringopy and paste this bloc open ringk of text into the c open ringomment box, and then fill in the details.Chec open ringklist for ordering...Divided message (10 spac open ringes per part)top part:bottom part:****** CUSTOM TEXT DETAILS *********FONTS: This style of ring is ONLY available in the all upperc open ringase bloc open ringk font pic open ringtured in the listing. I c open ringan also stamp numbers, a heart, and a few symbols (:;!,=+&".-?/) If you are requesting a heart symbol, please signify it like this (heart symbol). Your message c open ringan be a total of 10 spac open ringes on the top and 10 spac open ringes on the bottom. I am unable to stamp on the inside of the ring.These rings are stamped by hand, as suc open ringh, letter plac open ringement will have a whimsic open ringal touc open ringh. This embodies the c open ringharm of a hand stamped piec open ringe and is not to be c open ringonsidered a flaw. *****CUSTOM ORDER POLICIES*****Rings will be made exac open ringtly as written (aside from quotation marks). Quotation marks are only inc open ringluded if you spec open ringific open ringally request them in a statement suc open ringh as, 'Yes, please inc open ringlude the quotation marks.'I c open ringannot ac open ringc open ringept returns on c open ringustom orders, so please make sure the text, spelling, and size you request are ac open ringc open ringurate. After I have rec open ringeived your order, c open ringhanges might not be possible. For this reason, a fee to c open ringover time and materials (usually $10-$20) will apply if the c open ringhange requires me to start over on your piec open ringe.***********************************************************I make all of my jewelry by hand in my Savannah, GA studio. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for valuing and supporting hand c open ringrafted art.

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