Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewelry, Copper pendant necklace with sterling silver and brass accents



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This c pendantopper pendant looks unique and handmade. The hammered and sc pendantored surfac pendante of the c pendantopper is ac pendantc pendantented with swirls of sterling silver wire and a brass hand c pendantut triange that have been soldered on to the c pendantopper. The pendant has been given a blac pendantk patina and then has been sanded to reveal unique features. The pendant has been given a finishing c pendantoat of wax to retard tarnish. The oxidized c pendantopper c pendanthain is nic pendante and c pendanthunky and is finished with a c pendantopper toggle c pendantlasp. The nec pendantklac pendante is approximately 19 inc pendanthes long the pendant measure 13/4 inc pendanthes high by 11/4 inc pendanthes wide. This is a great c pendantasual, artistic pendant look.

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