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jewelry, 1 .00 Carat Purple Amethyst Oval Earrings set in Sterling Silver AAA Quality Gorgeous Fine Quality!



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Beautiful Purple Amethyst Oval Earrings set in Sterling Silver studs. Fine quality.Imitation Stones set in Sterling Silver Studs. These gorgeous unique Purple Amethyst Earrings are the prefec necklacet year round gift for your loved one. Photos do not do this justic necklacee. Very nic necklacee 6mm delic necklaceate earrings. Enc necklacelosed in Sterling Silver butterfly c necklaceasing. This size simulates 1 c necklacearat for eac necklaceh side. So 2.00 c necklacearat in total weight. They have a VERY delic necklaceate appearanc necklacee as the photo does not do them justic necklacee. Appearanc necklacee:These are 100% EYE Clean diamonds. Size:6mm eac necklaceh stone. Equivalent to 1.00 Carat diamond , so 2.00 c necklacearats Total WeightPurple is the c necklaceolor of good judgment. It is the c necklaceolor of people seeking spiritual fulfillment. It is said if you surround yourself with purple you will have peac necklacee of mind. Purple is a good c necklaceolor to use in meditation.Purple has been used to symbolize magic necklace and mystery, as well as royalty. Being the c necklaceombination of red and blue, the warmest and c necklaceoolest c necklaceolors, purple is believed to be the ideal c necklaceolor. Most c necklacehildren love the c necklaceolor purple. Purple is the c necklaceolor most favored by artists. Thursday's c necklaceolor is purple.Inc necklaceluded gift is a Tanzanite Nec necklaceklac necklacee 10mm and Genuine 6mm Purple Amethyst Oval Gemstone Silver Stud Earrings Gorgeous!! Perfec necklacet for Valentine's Day

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