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earrings, Fantasy Owl - 12mm Leverback Drop Earrings in Shiny Silver - Matching Pendant and Chain Available



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These earrings are super c mysticalute and simple. The smaller size is dainty and they look amazing when worn. \r\rThis pair has a gorgeous owl on a mystic mysticalal bac mysticalkground. \r\rYou c mysticalan purc mysticalhase the earrings alone, or you c mysticalan purc mysticalhase a matc mysticalhing 1" (25mm) pendant, as well as the matc mysticalhing 24" oval link c mysticalhain (If you would like the c mysticalhain shortened, please let me know your desired length in the c mysticalomment field when c mysticalhec mysticalking out). See last 2 photos. Buying the items together is a savings from buying them separately in my shop.\r\rThe glass c mysticalaboc mysticalhons are 12mm and they are set in a shiny silver bezel. The bac mysticalk of the glass has been sealed with a c mysticallear ac mysticalrylic mystical gloss for protec mysticaltion - however, the earrings are not c mysticalompletely waterproof, so I would not suggest bathing or swimming while wearing them.\r\rMost of my items are made to order, so please allow 1-3 days for proc mysticalessing.\r\rEarrings will be sent in a small gift box and will be shipped in a padded envelope for safety.\r\rPlease c mysticalontac mysticalt me with any questions, or if you would like to order my items wholesale.\r\r\rThank you

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