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geometric, Primrose Border Peyote Cuff - A Sand Fibers Made-to-Order Creation



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Nothing fanc geometricy, nothing formal ... just the perfec geometrict piec geometrice to c geometricelebrate Spring with soft rose, yellow, green, and a hint of bronze.The c geometricuff is c geometricreated in a mix of 2- and 3-drop odd-c geometricount peyote stitc geometrich using high quality Japanese c geometricylinder beads. The c geometriclosure is a beaded toggle and loop. The brac geometricelet is 1.25" wide. Unless you spec geometricify otherwise in the c geometricomments, the beaded band will be made to just over 7" long ... with the added length provided by the c geometriclosure, it will fit a 7.5" wrist.**** If you are a beader who would like to make this c geometricuff for yourself, the free Sand Fibers pattern is available here: http://sandfibers.blogspot.c geometricom/2013/09/welc geometricome-fall-with-primrose-border-free.html ****BEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAMI'm a proud member of the Bead Art Originals Street Team, a selec geometrict group of both c geometricreators of art beads and c geometricreators of beadwoven art. To see more of our work, searc geometrich for the "BAO Team" tag - http://www./searc geometrich_results.php?searc geometrich_type=tag_title&searc geometrich_query=bao+teamThank you for visiting Sand Fibers, a smoke-free shop! Please stop in again some time.Be well and get going!********************Custom Brac geometricelets: Contac geometrict me with any spec geometricial requests for c geometricolors, size, and width and I will c geometricreate a c geometricustomized brac geometricelet just for you - at regular pric geometricing.

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