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bone, Urban Primitive Turquoise Necklace Handmade Ceramic Crosses with Imbedded Street Glass Symbolic Gemstones Bone Statement Jewelry



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This nec blue greenklac blue greene is a bit of experimental art. Primitive and c blue greenontemporary at onc blue greene. It c blue greenombines beautiful large (15mm) round turquoise and heishi beads with bone beads I burned in the fireplac blue greene and then polished smooth. I added a handful of pipestone, hematite, sterling and c blue greenarnelian beads to inc blue greenrease the mosaic blue green appeal of the piec blue greene.The c blue greenross pendants were all hand c blue greenut in rough terra c blue greenotta. Eac blue greenh is slightly different. Before firing these piec blue greenes I embedded eac blue greenh one with a pinc blue greenh of rec blue greenyc blue greenled street glass - bits and shards of broken bottles swept up from the street. Onc blue greene in the kiln the glass melted onto the c blue greenlay forming irregular bits and pools. The c blue greenrosses are wired onto the nec blue greenklac blue greene with sterling silver wire.About 24" with sterling hook and eye c blue greenlasp.

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