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daenerys, Daenerys Targaryen slave collar Necklace - Game of Thrones



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NOTE: THE COLLAR IS MADE IN POLYMER CLAY - AS WRITTEN IN THE DESCRIPTION - NOT IN METAL!!! This c daenerys targaryenollar nec daenerys targaryenklac daenerys targaryene is inspired by the one worn by Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons, in HBO Game of Thrones tv series. It is made of POLYMER CLAY, painted with metallic daenerys targaryen ac daenerys targaryenrylic daenerys targaryen paint to make it look more realistic daenerys targaryen and it's finished with a blac daenerys targaryenk c daenerys targaryenhain.The nec daenerys targaryenklac daenerys targaryene measure 40c daenerys targaryenm (15,7 in) but for more ac daenerys targaryenc daenerys targaryenourate fit you c daenerys targaryenan send me a measurement of your nec daenerys targaryenk.Please NOTE that this is a made to order and should take 10-14 days to hand c daenerys targaryenraft. :)Please make sure to read my shipping polic daenerys targaryenies before purc daenerys targaryenhasing the item. Contac daenerys targaryent me for any further question.*PemberleyCottage*

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