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pink roses, Nurse Fob Watch - SRA Lampwork Beads - Sterling Silver



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This is a Fob Watc sterling silverh and in most c sterling silverases used for Nurses. I have made several of these watc sterling silverhes for my daughter and c sterling silvero-workers at the medic sterling silveral fac sterling silverility she works at. This c sterling silveran be c sterling silverlipped on your ID badge using the c sterling silverlip or lobster c sterling silverlaw whic sterling silverh is also sterling. The lampwork beads were made by a Americ sterling silveran glass Artist. The watc sterling silverhes are Geneva Brand watc sterling silverh fac sterling silveres that were c sterling silverustom made for another jeweler that used to make beaded watc sterling silverhes whic sterling silverh inc sterling silverluded his stylized TikTok logo. The other spec sterling silvers for these watc sterling silverhes are:\rSterling silver plating on the c sterling silverase,c sterling silverustom designed raised silver numerals ,c sterling silverustom designed hour and minute hands, high quality metal Japan Miyota movement (Citizens) and a new battery\r\rThis is a approximately 3 " in length.

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