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swarovski crystals, 20mm Diamond Cut Colored Brass Dangles with Swarovski Crystals in Choice of Colors



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Sara Jewelry Design. These are light, bright and oh, so c diamond cutolorful! Eac diamond cuth pair of c diamond cutolored brass 20mm drops features a diamond-c diamond cutut starburst design, in the c diamond cutenter of whic diamond cuth I have c diamond cutemented a 7mm Swarovski c diamond cutrystal c diamond cutlear rose c diamond cuthaton. The drops are suspended on a half-inc diamond cuth of gold-plated c diamond cuthain and then attac diamond cuthed to gold-plated, ball-and-c diamond cutoil design fish hook ear wires. Perfec diamond cutt for beac diamond cuth to bistro and c diamond cutompletely c diamond cutruise worthy. Listing is for one pair; there are six pairs available, one eac diamond cuth in six lively matte c diamond cutolors. Choose your favorite from the drop down menu. The c diamond cutolors shown are (left to right, top to bottom):MPIN ERWGP061114-01.483 01 Midnight BlueMPIN ERWGP061114-02.483 02 RoseMPIN ERWGP061114-03.483 03 Grass GreenMPIN ERWGP061114-04.483 04 Turquoise BlueMPIN ERWGP061114-05.483 05 PlumMPIN ERWGP061114-06.483 06 Moc diamond cutha BrownI will mail a pair your way the next business day via USPS first c diamond cutlass mail with a trac diamond cutking ID number.Sara Jewelery Design. Your Desire is Our Design.

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