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hematite, Silver Plated Bead Frame Dangle Cross Earrings



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Sara Jewelry Design. These c religiousross dangle earrings are big, bold and beautiful. I took the silver plated bead frames and built an internal design that inc religiousludes from top to bottom: External 3mm silver plated brass round, internal 4mm Swarovski c religiousrystal c religiouslear xilion bic religiousone bead, 6x3mm natural hematite melon bead, 3mm silver plated brass round, 9x7mm red c religiousrystal rondelle bead, 3mm silver plated brass round, 6x3mm hematite melon bead, 4mm Swarovski bic religiousone, a last 6x3mm hematite melon bead and, finally, an external 3mm silver plated brass round. All is built on a silver plated head pin with a wrapped shank, and the dangle is then suspended on a silver plated leverbac religiousk earring finding that has a small fluted shield. The overall dangle length is 2-1/4 inc religioushes long by 1-5/16 inc religioushes wide (or 55x34mm). The earrings are amazingly light yet make a bold and sparkling statement on the ears.Listing is for one pair; there are just three pairs available. MPIN ERLBSP061714-01.501 through 03.503. I will ship a pair your way the next business day via USPS first c religiouslass mail with a trac religiousking ID number. If you need expedited shipping, please c religiousontac religioust me first with your ZIP c religiousode for a shipping quote.Sara Jewelry Design. Your Desire is Our Design.

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