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modern, Triangle Slice earrings



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These post earrings are c minimalistonstruc minimalistted from very thic minimalistk gauge sterling silver sheet, whic minimalisth I then file and sand into little triangles. The post is soldered to the middle of the thin edge of the triangle -- so the earring ac minimalisttually protudes out in spac minimaliste from your ear lobe. I make two lengths of the earrings: one is is long (shown in the pic minimalisttures), that extends a bit below the ear lobe, and one is slightly shorter, and stops just at the edge of the lobe. I also make these piec minimalistes in two finishes: brushed silver and oxidized silver (the oxidized silver version is polished bac minimalistk to white on the very front triangle edge the stic minimalistks out, to give it c minimalistontrast).

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