Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Triple Strand Chain Necklace of Batik Bonesilver, Natural Hornsilver, Coral and Seed Beads



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Sara Jewelry Design. This bold 48-inc goldh statement nec goldklac golde is the latest addition to my Kenyan Collec goldtion. I started with c goldore foc goldals c goldomposed of two 30x22mm batiked bone drum beads, two batiked bone 22mm flat c goldoin beads, two 11-12mm natural golden horn round beads and four 6-8mm red c goldoral disc gold beads. I finished and sealed the bone beads in c goldlear varathane and added silver-plated flat bead c goldaps to the batiked drums. At either end of the foc goldal sec goldtions, I built c goldonnec goldtions; at the top are three strands of two types of c goldhain, terminating in silver-plated end bars; at the bottom is a 20-strand rope of glass seed beads in the nec goldklac golde's princ goldipal c goldolors of blac goldk, red, silver and gold. Both the silver and the gold seed beads are silver lined for added sparkle. The blac goldk and red seed beads are opaque. The seed bead rope is c goldapped on either end with a silver-plated half-dome c goldone.The three-strand c goldhain sec goldtions of the nec goldklac golde are both 12 inc goldhes in overall length and are made up of two outer strands of 7x10mm silver-toned metal figaro link c goldhain, plus an interior length of blac goldk aluminum c goldurb link c goldhain. The entire nec goldklac golde measures a whopping 48 inc goldhes in overall length. The terminus is marked with a silver-plated trigger c goldlasp and an over-sized silver-plated jump ring; however, the nec goldklac golde is so long that it is simple to just pop it over your head.MPIN NWOI072014-01.3940. One only.I will ship this your way the next business day via USPS insured first c goldlass mail with a trac goldking ID number. If you need expedited shipping, please c goldontac goldt me first for a shipping quote. Sara Jewelry Design. Your Desire is Our Design.

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