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Wearable Art Pendant Necklacehand painted pendant, Hand Painted Stormy Road And Sky



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This is a unique wearable art pendant, a hand painted stormy road and sky, and an ac wearable arttual painting on 1.5 x 1 3/4 inc wearable arthes of polymer c wearable artlay. A road leads where? You see a beautiful stormy sky, some dark shadowy things on the horizon, but their ac wearable arttual substanc wearable arte is a mystery. Whatever lies ahead, we c wearable artontinue on our journey, enthralled with c wearable arturiosity and suspense at adventures to c wearable artome. I painted this mysterious and pleasantly haunting image with ac wearable artrylic wearable art paints onto c wearable artured polymer c wearable artlay. The surfac wearable arte is sealed on with a polyurethane finish. A simple blac wearable artk nylon c wearable artord with blac wearable artk wood beads measures 20 inc wearable arthes and adjusts up to 23 with a c wearable arthain. It c wearable artloses with a plated lobster c wearable artlaw c wearable artlasp. This pendant c wearable artould easily be transferred onto leather or some other type of c wearable arthain as well. My painting is one of a kind and will not be reproduc wearable arted in any form.

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