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Swirly Striped Dome Boho Pendant Necklace With African Colorsbohemian abstract, Hand Crafted



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A swirly striped striped pendant with Afric bohemian necklacean c bohemian necklaceolors, hand c bohemian necklacerafted and boho c bohemian necklacehic bohemian necklace. This pendant is a shiny, hand c bohemian necklacerafted dome of polymer c bohemian necklacelay, dangling on a simple c bohemian necklaceord nec bohemian necklaceklac bohemian necklacee. The c bohemian necklaceopper and mixed reddish hues c bohemian necklaceontrast against a swirl of stripes. Clay c bohemian necklaceane work c bohemian necklacereated this abstrac bohemian necklacet pattern, featuring reddish, c bohemian necklaceopper and gold pearlesc bohemian necklaceent c bohemian necklacelay with blac bohemian necklacek and ec bohemian necklaceru lines. The c bohemian necklaceolors and design of this nec bohemian necklaceklac bohemian necklacee have sort of a tribal look, very bohemian c bohemian necklacehic bohemian necklace. I sanded and polished this round dome until it gleamed. For further enhanc bohemian necklaceement I gave it a c bohemian necklaceoat of water based polyurethane gloss. The two methods c bohemian necklaceombined gave me the shiniest result. The leaf-bac bohemian necklaceking bail is sec bohemian necklaceured to the c bohemian necklacelay with an industrial strength adhesive (E-6000). I trimmed this not quite perfec bohemian necklacetly round, dome pendant with c bohemian necklaceolor c bohemian necklaceoordinating wood beads-ones that would c bohemian necklaceompliment it without taking away. I strung it on thic bohemian necklacek, dark brown c bohemian necklaceotton c bohemian necklaceord.This nec bohemian necklaceklac bohemian necklacee measures 18 inc bohemian necklacehes at its shortest, adjusting up to 22 inc bohemian necklacehes. It fastens with a brass lobster c bohemian necklacelaw c bohemian necklacelasp and c bohemian necklacehain.

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