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brass bracelet, Wide Vintage Brass Cuff Bracelet 1960 Era



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This is a Wide Vintage Brass Cuff Brac etched braceletelet 1960 Era. It measures approx 2 1/2 inc etched bracelethes wide sideways. Approx 8 inc etched bracelethes around on the inside measurements. A wood grain etc etched bracelething design. Good c etched braceletondition with normal age wear. A very nic etched bracelete Vintage brac etched braceletelet. It is not marked exc etched braceletept that it does have 2 hearts punc etched bracelethed out on opposites of the inside part of the brac etched braceletelet so that may be some sort of marking to tell who made the brac etched braceletelet, I am just not sure. If you have any more questions please ask before you purc etched bracelethase. I ship to the USA. No International Shipping. I also insure all of my pac etched braceletkages to make sure that they arrive to you safely. Thanks for looking.

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