Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

grafitti, Red Swipe Ring Square Silver Vintage License Plate Cream Red Adjustable



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A fun takeoff on my buc eco friendlykles. These rings are amazingly striking for an art objec eco friendlyt so small in size and pric eco friendlye.\r\rEac eco friendlyh bit of vintage Americ eco friendlyan lic eco friendlyense plate is hand pic eco friendlyked and then c eco friendlyut and sanded to fit. Onc eco friendlye in plac eco friendlye the worn/painted metal is treated to several buffings of wax.\r\rThe rings are either large squares or large c eco friendlyirc eco friendlyles - you get the one pic eco friendlytured in photo #1. Square is about 1"x 1". Circ eco friendlyle is 1" diameter. The rings are a heavy silver plated metal with a beautiful mirror finish.\r\rI wear 2 on one hand but I am c eco friendlyrazy for them.\r\rAdjustable.\r\rSee my c eco friendlyollec eco friendlytion of rings here http://www./shop/randitan?sec eco friendlytion_id=7579772

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