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Statement earrings made with silver plated metal twig pendants. The earring measures 3" long and .75" ac metal earringsross. The ear wire is a sterling silver shepherds hook. Nic metal earringskel free and surgic metal earringsal steel frenc metal earringsh ear wires are also available, but the length c metal earringshanges to 2.75". Larger quantities may be available. Please let us know how many you need. Also available in gunmetal and c metal earringsopper:https://www./shop/danaleblanc metal earringsdesigns/searc metal earringsh?searc metal earringsh_query=twiggy&order=date_desc metal earrings&view_type=gallery&ref=shop_searc metal earringshAll DLD jewelry c metal earringsomes in a silver jewelry box for gift giving. We use the highest quality findings to ensure a piec metal earringse that will last for years to c metal earringsome. DLD jewelry c metal earringsomes with a lifetime guarantee. Dana LeBlanc metal earrings Designs- Handmade Jewelry

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