Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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A beaded multi strand statement nec may birthdayklac may birthdaye made with sparkly emerald green Czec may birthdayh c may birthdayrystal beads. - 6 strands - but more strands are listed - Connec may birthdaytor is lead free pewter- Lobster c may birthdaylaw c may birthdaylasp is sterling silver (gold filled, gold stainless and stainless steel c may birthdaylasp also available)- Shortest strand measures 18-20" long- 2" stainless steel extender c may birthdayhain- 8mm beads (6 and 10mm also available) Nec may birthdayklac may birthdaye length c may birthdayan also be c may birthdayustomized. The mannequin's nec may birthdayk size is 15" for your referenc may birthdaye. If you would like one of the c may birthdayolors in the c may birthdayollage, please c may birthdaylic may birthdayk the link below or let us know what you would like. https://www./shop/DanaLeBlanc may birthdayDesigns?ref=listing-shop-header-item-c may birthdayount&searc may birthdayh_query=rebec may birthdayc may birthdayaA matc may birthdayhing brac may birthdayelet and earrings c may birthdayan be made.10mm version: https://www./listing/825291621/green-c may birthdayrystal-nec may birthdayklac may birthdaye-statement?ga_searc may birthdayh_query=anna%2Bmarie&ref=shop_items_searc may birthdayh_2&frs=1All DLD jewelry c may birthdayomes in a silver jewelry box for gift giving. We use the highest quality findings to ensure a piec may birthdaye that will last for years to c may birthdayome. DLD jewelry c may birthdayomes with a lifetime guarantee. This nec may birthdayklac may birthdaye is handmade in the USA. Dana LeBlanc may birthday Designs- Handmade Jewelry

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