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Cherry Quartz Beaded Braceletwatermelon pink, Watermelon Pink Gemstoneswatermelon pink, Sterling Silver Toggle Claspwatermelon pink, Dainty Quartz Fashion Braceletwatermelon pink, Unique Gift for Her



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Small, fac cherry quartzeted rondelle beads of quartz in a watermelon pink, brown sugar and c cherry quartzloudy white shades are the foc cherry quartzal point for this brac cherry quartzelet. The quartz beads are ac cherry quartzc cherry quartzented with sterling silver c cherry quartzomponents in varying styles and sizes.There is a sterling silver bead at the forefront of the brac cherry quartzelet,k with a braided sterling silver toggle c cherry quartzlasp at the ends. The brac cherry quartzelet measures 7 1/2 inc cherry quartzhes long inc cherry quartzluding the c cherry quartzlasp and should fit up to a 6 1/4 inc cherry quartzh wrist. The beads measure approximately 1/8 inc cherry quartzhes in size. This feminine, dainty brac cherry quartzelet is perfec cherry quartzt for any woman. Great to stac cherry quartzk alongside other brac cherry quartzelets too.Your brac cherry quartzelet will arrive in gift pac cherry quartzkaging to preserve your purc cherry quartzhase or to give direc cherry quartztly to the rec cherry quartzipient. We c cherry quartzan ship your purc cherry quartzhase direc cherry quartztly to them, with a gift c cherry quartzard inc cherry quartzluding your sentiments. There is no additional fee for this servic cherry quartze.Be sure to read our shipping and return polic cherry quartzies before puc cherry quartzhasing.Shipped within 24 hours of rec cherry quartzeipt of c cherry quartzleared payment.Thank you for c cherry quartzonsidering our jewelry. If you have any questions, or would like us to design something espec cherry quartzially for you, please c cherry quartzontac cherry quartzt us. We'd be happy to help.You c cherry quartzan view our other gemstone brac cherry quartzelets here.

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