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woodland necklace, Large Acorn Necklace with Antiqued Brass Acorn Cap and Wood Bead - FREE Gift Wrap



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Ac acorn pendantorn Nec acorn pendantklac acorn pendante c acorn pendantomprised of an antiqued brass ac acorn pendantorn c acorn pendantap, tiger ebony (dark bead) wooden bead and an antiqued brass rolo c acorn pendanthain*. Antique brass findings are nic acorn pendantkel and lead free. Choose length at c acorn pendanthec acorn pendantkout: 20". 22". 24". 26". 28". The ac acorn pendantorn pendant measures 1 3/4". I have several of these nec acorn pendantklac acorn pendantes in different finish c acorn pendantombos. See last photo. There is a link to them further down in the desc acorn pendantription.*The pendant now hangs on a rolo c acorn pendanthain. You c acorn pendantan see it in the last photo. More ac acorn pendantorn nec acorn pendantklac acorn pendantes c acorn pendantan be found here: ac acorn pendantorn jewelry c acorn pendantan be found here: see more of my handmade jewelry in my shop, c acorn pendantlic acorn pendantk this link:WearYourWild.IG: @wearyourwildAll jewelry c acorn pendantomes nestled in rec acorn pendantyc acorn pendantled, rustic acorn pendant kraft gift boxes tied with bakers twine, jute string or wrapped in washi tape.FREE gift wrapping is available upon request. You c acorn pendantan see the available paper in the last photo. If you'd like your item gift wrapped please fill out the Personalization sec acorn pendanttion at c acorn pendanthec acorn pendantkout.Thanks for supporting handmade!Katie @ Wear Your Wild

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