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pendant, Mini Embroidery Hoop pendant kit: Round



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On SALE for $3, regularly $6Take your love of stitc mini hoop necklacehery and c mini hoop necklacereate your very own wearable art! These mini embroidery hoop pendants make the perfec mini hoop necklacet showc mini hoop necklacease for your embroidery, c mini hoop necklaceross stitc mini hoop necklaceh, beautiful fabric mini hoop necklace, paper and even photos! Eac mini hoop necklaceh Kit inc mini hoop necklaceludes:- 1 round pendant measuring 1.25" in diameter ( two piec mini hoop necklacees: front and bac mini hoop necklacek)- One 80 c mini hoop necklacem nec mini hoop necklaceklac mini hoop necklacee c mini hoop necklacehain of your c mini hoop necklacehoic mini hoop necklacee in either Antique Bronze, Antique Blac mini hoop necklacek or Silver. Please indic mini hoop necklaceate. If no nec mini hoop necklaceklac mini hoop necklacee finish is selec mini hoop necklaceted "Antique Bronze" will be inc mini hoop necklaceluded.- 1 Matc mini hoop necklacehing jump ring.- Tips on how to assemble.Not provided:- Fabric mini hoop necklace or finished stitc mini hoop necklacehery. This is intended for you to fill with your c mini hoop necklacehoic mini hoop necklacee of embellishment.- Glue. I rec mini hoop necklaceommend adhering fabric mini hoop necklace with hot glue and paper with rubber c mini hoop necklaceement. The two wood sec mini hoop necklacetions are best adhered with super glue.- Rubber bands. I have found that after I glue the two sec mini hoop necklacetions together that the plastic mini hoop necklace loom rubber bands hold them in plac mini hoop necklacee nic mini hoop necklaceely while they dry under the weight of a book.

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