Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Blue White Cameo Pendant Nec cameo necklaceklac cameo necklacee!Take yourself bac cameo necklacek in time with this wonderful Vintage Style nec cameo necklaceklac cameo necklacee...Art Nouveau style setting Antiqued Silver Plated, with dainty Light Blue and White c cameo necklaceameo.Dainty flowers dec cameo necklaceorate the drop setting.I have added a lovely white Swarovski Crystal Pearl to the end of the extension c cameo necklacehain.10x8mm c cameo necklaceaboc cameo necklacehons.Dangle 1" below the Silver Plated c cameo necklacehain.Silver Plated c cameo necklacehain with 2" extension, c cameo necklacehoose the length you need, and that measurement will be PLUS the 2" extension c cameo necklacehain. Chain design will vary slightly from the photo.Matc cameo necklacehing earrings c cameo necklacean be found here:https://www./listing/212783421Storefront and Sec cameo necklacetions: hawaiibeads.163

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