Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewelry, Letter R Personalised Hand Embroidered Monogrammed Necklace



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Lovely embroidered initial nec stitchedklac stitchede featuring the letter 'R'. Hand stitc stitchedhed onto duc stitchedk egg blue c stitchedotton heavy weave fabric stitched with blac stitchedk thread. Very nic stitchede personalized jewelry.The pendant measures approx 1.5 inc stitchedhes tall and approx 1 inc stitchedh ac stitchedross ( 4 x 2.5 c stitchedm ). The silver plated snake c stitchedhain is 22 inc stitchedhes in length.I c stitchedan embroider any initial please do get in touc stitchedh if you want a different letter sewn.

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