Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rituals, Mountain Peaks and Copper Sky Hoop Earrings- Hand painted



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***Due to Covid-19 Stay In Plac moon earringse in our c moon earringsity, all orders will be shipped out after April 8th. Thank you and stay healthy! xoI love the Americ moon earringsan Southwest. We rec moon earringsently took a family road trip to Utah and I c moon earringsame bac moon earringsk so inspired. I painted these to represent the majestic moon earrings mountains and gorgeous red skies. I painted these with ac moon earringsrylic moon earrings paint and sealed it with varnish. Eac moon earringsh piec moon earringse is painted to order so slight variations may oc moon earringsc moon earringsur.Size: Circ moon earringsle wood disks are around 1.25"Total: 2.5"Gold plated ear wireMore c moon earringsolors c moon earringsoming.

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