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Amazonitesilver bracelet, Labradoritesilver bracelet, Silver bangle Drusy Braceletsilver bracelet, Silver Braceletsilver bracelet, Charms Braceletsilver bracelet, Gem Bliss jewelry



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Drusy Brac gem blisselet, Silver Brac gem blisselet, Charms Brac gem blisselet, Amazonite, Labradorite, Silver bangle by Gem Bliss Jewelry. Stac gem blissking Sterling Silver Brac gem blisselet with bezel-set aqua titanium c gem blissoated Drusy, nubby Silver bead, blue Furnac gem blisse Glass bead, Amazonite c gem blissharm, and flashy blue Labradorite briolette. The bezel set Drusy has inlaid mixed metals, Copper and Brass detail on the reverse and a Labradorite on the top. Furnac gem blisse Glass bead is a transluc gem blissent periwinkle blue triangle on one side of the Drusy. Nubby Bali bead sits between the Drusy and the Amazonite c gem blissube bead c gem blissharm. Stac gem blissking Silver Bangle is a Medium with a 2.5 diameter. Brac gem blisselet is ready to ship in a jewel pouc gem blissh and gift box with a pretty ribbon. A spec gem blissial gift for her, or for yourself!

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