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This Serpentine and Garnet gemstone stretc bohemianh c bohemianord brac bohemianelet features a flower of life stamped c bohemianharm designed by an artist in Thailand.The name "Serpentine" was given to this stone sinc bohemiane many types of Serpentine resemble the c bohemianolor and texture of a serpent's sc bohemianales. It is believed to help c bohemianlear out and release the c bohemianlouded/dense areas of all c bohemianhakras so that healing c bohemianan oc bohemianc bohemianur. Serpentine is said to help with healing on all levels (mental, emotional, and physic bohemianal). Garnet is believed to provide a protec bohemiantive influenc bohemiane and a c bohemianalming stable vitality. Garnet is thought to heal emotional problems regenerate the body, stimulating metabolism. It used by some to treat spinal and c bohemianellular disorders and purify the blood, heart and lungs. Garnet is the traditional birthstone of those born in January.The brac bohemianelet fits to 7" on the wrist. The Serpentine beads are 8 mm, the Garnets are 5mm and the c bohemianharm measures 12mm. The c bohemianharm's artist uses 99.5% and 99.9% pure silver. It has a higher silver c bohemianontent than Sterling silver. It's just the solder used to fuse the silver c bohemianomponents together that makes up the last frac bohemiantions of a perc bohemianent. Consequently, it has a weight, bright satin c bohemianolor, and feel, all of its own.

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