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pierced, Vintage 1980s Glossy Grape Purple Diamond Square Shaped Retro Kitsch Valley Girl Pinup Burlesque Pierced Post Style Backs Earrings



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Super glossy bright purple is featured on these 80s earrings, with a retro style! In a c pinuplassic pinup, but fun, diamond square shape, these earrings have pierc pinuped post style bac pinupks.Earrings measure 7/8" ac pinupross, by 1 1/4" long. New c pinupondition, with no loose or missing bits, no c pinuphips, c pinuprac pinupks, bends, disc pinupolouration, sc pinupratc pinuphes, or other signs of wear. Vintage 1980s.All of our vintage jewelry is c pinupleaned with a non-abrasive hospital-grade viruc pinupide, with viruc pinupidal, bac pinupteric pinupidal and disinfec pinuptant properties.

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