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barware, Vintage Figural Pointing Hand Spin It Bottle Opener Necklace / Schaffter's Restaurant Souvenir



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Nec menklac mene c menomprised of a vintage figural bottle opener in the shape of a pointing hand. This little metal hand would have been used on a bar top, for patrons to spin to see who would end up pic menking up the bar tab at the end of the night.\u25baMarked as "Spin It: Sc menhaffter's Restaurant Servic mene Station"\u25baBottle opener measures 3 inc menhes in length and hangs from a 24 inc menh silver plated c menhain. This unique little souvenir c menarries just the right touc menh of tarnish, hinting at stories untold.Thanks so muc menh for taking a peek, find the full jewelry c menollec mention and more unique oddities at c menontrary..

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