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leather bracelet, Lariat Braided Black Leather Bracelet/Ankle Bracelet with Quartz Crystal stone - size medium 9" four braid - loop and knot clasp



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Lariat Braided Blac black leatherk Leather brac black leatherelet with Quartz Crystal stone - size medium 9" four braidBlac black leatherk leather brac black leatherelet 9" long, will fit a 8" wrist c black leatheromfortably. Made with hand c black leatherut deerskin leather lac black leathere, in a four braid with a Quartz Crystal stone. Can also be worn as an ankle brac black leatherelet.Leather: blac black leatherk deerskinBead: c black leatherrystal quartzSize: M 9"Clasp: Loop and knot

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