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feather hair clip, 15" Feather Hair Extension - Red Leather with Red and Black Trade Beads and Black Feathers hair clip



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Artisan c hair featherrafted in USAReady to ship15" Feather Hair Extension - Red Leather with Red and Blac hair featherk Trade Beads and Blac hair featherk Feathers hair c hair featherlip15" hair c hair featherlip, made with red deerskin leather. Two strands of leather beaded in red, blac hair featherk and silver trade beads with marabou turkey and blac hair featherk feathers on a 2" blac hair featherk snap hair c hair featherlip. Beads are silver plated brass and glass.You c hair featheran wear this c hair featherlipped on the outside of your hair or c hair featherlipped under your hair towards the front, so that it blends with your hair. For sanitary reasons hair c hair featherlips are modeled on my mannequin never on a person.Shipping within the USAMade in Americ hair feathera

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