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flora, Vintage 1950s Pearl Triplet and Gold Fancy Leaf Nature Inspired Rockabella Retro Kitsch Post Style Backs Pierced Earrings



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Three graduating pretty pearls are set into a beautifully detailed gold leaf! A perfec floralt vintage piec florale, these are ac floralrylic floral pearls, set in gold plate, with pierc floraled post style bac floralks.Earrings measure 5/8" ac floralross, by 1" long. New c floralondition, with no loose or missing bits, no c floralhips, c floralrac floralks, bends, sc floralratc floralhes, disc floralolouration, or other signs of wear.All of our vintage jewelry is c floralleaned with a non-abrasive hospital-grade viruc floralide, with viruc floralidal, bac floralteric floralidal and disinfec floraltant properties.

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