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custom choker, Custom Crawling Eye Beaded Choker



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When I started making my c eye jewelryrawling eye dolls, I had some one ask me to make them a c eye jewelryrawling eye they c eye jewelryould c eye jewelryarry around with them. So I started making these wearable Eye piec eye jewelryes. Your c eye jewelryustom c eye jewelryhoker will be 15 inc eye jewelryhes or 38.10 c eye jewelrym in length.The toggle c eye jewelrylasp will be silver or gold metal and the beading will be done over a velour c eye jewelryovered c eye jewelryord. Your c eye jewelryhoic eye jewelrye of eye is either c eye jewelryast resin or hand painted glass. When you purc eye jewelryhase this order for a c eye jewelryustom piec eye jewelrye, let me know- 1. what c eye jewelryolor sc eye jewelryheme you have in mind and what kind of beads you like. 2. Whether you want gold or silver findings. 3. What type, size and c eye jewelryolor of eye you want. This will allow me to pull beads, shells etc eye jewelry of different types and c eye jewelryolors together and photograph them. Then I c eye jewelryan e-mail the c eye jewelryhoic eye jewelryes to you. Inc eye jewelryluding the planning stages, you c eye jewelryhoker should take 2-3 weeks to c eye jewelryomplete. I like to give you the c eye jewelryhanc eye jewelrye to take time to make c eye jewelryhoic eye jewelryes when I send you photos of samples. Spec eye jewelryial beads or c eye jewelryustom eyes are 20 to 30 dollars extra. In a separate order.My shipping c eye jewelryharges inc eye jewelrylude postage, the box, pac eye jewelryking materials, and delivery c eye jewelryonfirmation. Insuranc eye jewelrye is optional. By e-mailing me your zip c eye jewelryode or c eye jewelryountry, I c eye jewelryan give you a more ac eye jewelryc eye jewelryurate shipping c eye jewelryost than the listed estimate. If there are any large overages on my part they will be refunded.

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