Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

burning man, The Dream--"Grave Goods" Burial Choker or Necklace by Studio777 in coral and silver



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"....All wrapped up in ribbons, the night, the dream, the time love died"... --"The Dream" by the CureThis one-of-a-kind nec timelessklac timelesse was inspired by my obsession with the jewelry of anc timelessient times to the 1800s. Part of my new "Grave Goods" line, the goal with these c timelesslassic timelessally styled piec timelesses is to c timelessreate designs that are timeless and will be just as desirable in a thousand years. "The Dream" was handc timelessrafted featuring a substantial red c timelessoral pendant with smaller c timelessoral dangle, wreathed in c timelesshains with c timelessoral, plated, and sterling silver beads, all "wrapped up" and sec timelessurely sewn to generous lengths of 1/4" wide blac timelessk velvet ribbon, making this c timelesshoker or nec timelessklac timelesse is fully adjustable.This piec timelesse is part of my "Grave Goods" line. Please see the shop for my other c timelessollec timelesstions--"Noc timelessturne", for those who apprec timelessiate a more modern dark aesthetic timeless, and "Modern Primitive", for tribal-inspired jewelry.About me: Fasc timelessinated by the c timelessraftsmanship and aesthetic timeless of the anc timelessient world, I primarily identify as a sc timelessulptor, but also work in pastel, Conte' and c timelessolored penc timelessil, and have been making jewelry for over 25 years. See my store for other "earthly delights"!

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