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shaterra, Leather Inspirational Word Cuff with Metal Plate



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Leather brac engraved braceletelet c engraved braceletuff band with words. Metal plate with wise sayings, or adages. This plate reads "the journey awakens the soul".Express your feelings by wearing them on your wrist. Wear a reminder that makes you feel good during the day every time you look at it.I offer a c engraved bracelethoic engraved bracelete of blac engraved braceletk or brown leather, fastens with 2 snaps, is adjustable, in 3 different sizes, small, medium and large; width is 1/2". Choose size and c engraved braceletolor below.****PLEASE NOTE: I rec engraved braceletommend to order the size based on your wrist measurement plus 1/2" for wearing ease. If you are measuring an old brac engraved braceletelet to get the size, measure from fastener to fastener, not end to end.****Great gift ideaHandmade to order in Grove City Ohio.Thanks for looking and buying handmade!

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