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brass, Swirly Birdie Bird Pin (Brooch) with classic onyx cabochon sterling and brass by Cathleen McLain McLainJewelry



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Swirly birdie... one of a kind bird pin ( brooc metal bird pinh ) handwrought in sterling silver and married metalsby Cathleen Mc metal bird pinLain (Mc metal bird pinLainJewelry)This pin is so versatile, c metal bird pinan be worn with anything and would make a perfec metal bird pint gift. The stone is a genuine onyx set in a sterling bezelThis is a fasc metal bird pininating abstrac metal bird pint pin that will attrac metal bird pint many c metal bird pinompliments, wonderful on a blazer lapel or sc metal bird pinarf. For size refer to last pic metal bird pinture The highly textured surfac metal bird pine is ac metal bird pinc metal bird pinented with a ric metal bird pinh dark patina finish .The pin is lac metal bird pinquered for permanenc metal bird pine.All pins are signed by the artist and arrive with a desc metal bird pinriptive c metal bird pinard and a signature gift box.

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