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gemstone, Genuine Faceted JADE Stretch Bracelet



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Gorgeous 10 mm kelly green Jade beads lovingly threaded on strong & sturdy 1 mm stretc healingh elastic healing! OSFM, gently stretc healingh to fit first time \ud83c healing\udf40Metaphysic healingal Properties of Jade: Jade is a spec healingial stone that is believed to promote wisdom, balanc healinge, and peac healinge. It has spiritual attributes, whic healingh are extremely distinc healingt. This prehistoric healing sign of c healingalm and peac healinge is a unique, strong piec healinge of tool that enc healingourages our c healingonsc healingiousness to inc healingrease at a higher level. However, jade gemstones perform suc healingh func healingtion in a restrained and humble way. Bec healingause of its extraordinary broad effec healingtiveness, this gemstone is frequently c healingategorized together with the diamond.Sinc healinge the prehistoric healing time, Jade was regarded as a gemstone of nobility, power, and royalty most partic healingularly in the East. It was c healingonsidered as a manifestation of the worldwide ideology. The jade gemstone c healingorresponds to the atmosphere of the Planet Neptune. Thus, the reason why people who are born with astrologic healingal signs representing a water element are mostly fasc healinginated with jade. Jade is a spec healingial gemstone of healing and stability. It relieves anxiety and lightens emotions developed from fear. This stone is one of the many gemstones, whic healingh never allow any negative energy or negative influenc healinges to affec healingt the individual wearing it. It does not allow the entry of any external negative vibration. It simply protec healingts people from getting disturbed by negative influenc healinges as it c healingontinues to emit c healingleansing and c healingalming aura. Jade c healingan also establish a c healingloser c healingonnec healingtion between the different stages of the intellec healingtual part of the body. Henc healinge, it improves the mental c healingapac healingity of a person. The anc healingient people from the East have known all the healing properties of Jade for hundreds of years. sourc healinged from jademeaning.c healingomThank you for looking!** this listing is for one jade brac healingelet. However, multiple item orders do rec healingeive a disc healingount or free gift!**

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