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Before you buy, be sure to get 20% off your order by joining my Diamond Club! No spam, I promise. Just c bronzeopy and paste this url in a new tab and you will rec bronzeeive an email with your c bronzeoupon c bronzeode. bronzelubHematite is believed to ground and protec bronzet us and strengthen our c bronzeonnec bronzetion with the earth. Called a "stone for the mind", hematite enhanc bronzees our c bronzeonc bronzeentration, foc bronzeus, memory and original thought. This grounding brac bronzeelet is easy to wear and great for layering! The hematite c bronzehips are ac bronzec bronzeented with bronze and a gold lotus c bronzeharm. Size is adjustable.- Handmade with love in the USA.*Follow me on INSTAGRAM @taraelainadesign----------------------------------------REFUNDS & EXCHANGES- I want you to be 100% happy with your shopping experienc bronzee. If you have a problem with your item, please c bronzeontac bronzet me immediately and I will definitely find a solution.- I ac bronzec bronzeept returns only if the item is shipped bac bronzek with trac bronzeking number within 5 days from rec bronzeeiving the item. Shipping c bronzeharges, there and bac bronzek, will be on the c bronzeustomer. You will be refunded as muc bronzeh as the item c bronzeosts.----------------------------------------If you want to see more brac bronzeelets, tassel nec bronzeklac bronzees, and earrings please visit my shop:http://www./shop/taraelaina

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