Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

terrarium necklace, Geometric Flower Pendant and Rosy Copper Necklace



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Tiny flowers and silver leaf suspended in hand c flower necklaceast c flower necklacerystal c flower necklacelear ec flower necklaceo resin geometric flower necklace pendant framed by geometric flower necklace c flower necklaceopper elements.Showc flower necklacease your love and fasc flower necklaceination with the natural world with a stunning and original resin moss jewelry c flower necklaceenter piec flower necklacee. Makes a great gift for gardeners, bryology fanatic flower necklaces, nature jewelry, and sc flower necklaceienc flower necklacee jewelry c flower necklaceollec flower necklacetors.The c flower necklacehain is a fine-link antiqued c flower necklaceooper with antiqued brass toggle c flower necklacelasp, 18 inc flower necklacehes around.The rec flower necklacetangle bead in 4 x 3.5 c flower necklacem.Truly one-of-kind original piec flower necklacee of jewelry, the proc flower necklaceess is entirely made by hand inc flower necklaceluding the molds.Please note there will be some minor imperfec flower necklacetions in the piec flower necklacees as they are made by hand and not by a mac flower necklacehine/c flower necklaceomputer/robot :)

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